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Not your average beach cruiser. Casual comfort meets modern luxury in Chatham Rev+. This electric cruiser expertly marries powerful, state-of-the-art conveniences with the classic comfort features you love on your regular beach bike – making for the perfect best-of-both-worlds experience. With a powerful motor and battery offering an improved range of 35+ miles, you can cruise all day long; and with Pedal Assist, throttle, wide tires, and an upright riding position, you'll stay comfortable the whole time. Then, when your adventure is done for the day, turn on your front and rear lights and enjoy taking the long way home. Make every day a sunny day. Your average leisurely bike ride just got a major upgrade. Chatham Rev+ celebrates the classic beach cruiser, uniting its most-loved comfort features with the newest tech to carry your coastal adventures into the modern era. You can explore further with a fully integrated 48V/500Wh battery that offers a range of 52+ miles per charge and can be charged on or off the bike. Plus, with 6 pedal assistance levels, full throttle, and a 500-watt rear hub motor to boot, you’ll find the once-intimidating trails and inclines are now a piece of cake. Bumps? Cracks? Flat tires? We’ve never heard of them. You won’t feel the little imperfections in the road underneath 3-inch-wide, grippy tires that are extra durable and reinforced with puncture protection – it’s nothing but smooth cruising with Chatham Rev+. Features: Hop On With Ease Getting on and off your bike has never been easier, thanks to an accessible step-through frame shape that also allows for a comfortable, upright riding position. Comfortable Riding Position Swingback handlebars and a padded saddle promote a comfortable and relaxed upright riding position, and a lower center of gravity makes the e-bike easier to handle in all situations. Easy Access to Controls The handlebar-mounted button pod controls everything, from the throttle to the headlight, to walk mode, pedal assistance, and more – all right at your fingertips. Center-Mounted B/W Display The black-and-white LCD screen is large and high-contrast, making it easy to read in the bright sun – at a glance, you can keep track of your bike’s battery level, Pedal Assist mode, speed, and more with your eyes on the road. On- or Off-Bike Charging This e-bike’s fully integrated battery is uniquely able to be charged both on and off the bike. It also uses LG 21700 cells to store more energy and offer a 52+ mile range when fully charged. Push to Go Convenient thumb throttle puts 500W worth of power at your fingertips and leaves plenty of room to comfortably grip the handlebars. Simply push the throttle to be propelled at speeds up to 20mph. Durable, Long-Lasting, High Range 48V/500Wh Li-ion battery using LG 21700 cells offers a range of 35+ miles. Fully charges within 5-6 hours. Customize to Meet Your Needs With mounting points to easily add a rear rack, basket, fenders, and more, you can redesign your ride to be tailored to your adventures.
The Jax REV 500 is ready to take you most anywhere you want to go. The frame folds in half and the handlebars and seat collapse into a neat and easy-to-carry-or-store package. The powerful 48V/500W Rear hub motor with 5 levels of assist helps to flatten the hills and the 48V/10.4Ah battery extends your range compared to a standard pedal bike. Equipped with 1-speed gearing, Fat 20" x 3.0" tires and its suspension fork cushion the ride, fenders to keep grime contained, a rear rack for those things that you need to carry, and a handy bell to announce your arrival.
$299.99 - $349.95
Dart is the perfect kids' bike for riding down the boardwalk, around the neighborhood, or along the river. Dart's wide tires soak up trail bumps and make for a smooth ride, so your kiddo can explore a little further than ever before. Safety first Dart sports a suspension fork to absorb impacts and smooth out the ride on bumpy terrain. Less vibration gives kids better handling and control, making their ride safer overall. They're growing, and so should their bike route Dart is the perfect kids bike for riding down the boardwalk, around the neighborhood, or along the river. Dart's wide tires soak up trail bumps and make for a smooth ride, so your kiddo can explore a little further than ever before. Change gears with the flick of their wrist A safer ride at their fingertips – literally. Dart sports a robust Shimano 7-speed derailleur and RevoShift grip shifters, so kids can safely change gears with palms on the handlebars and eyes on the road. Not to mention, 7 speeds offer the speed for cruising and power for climbing.
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