Service Plans

At Johnny Velo Bikes, we offer four service plans designed to meet your riding needs. Centered around streets in our neighborhood, we offer you the following plans.


Arcadia Service Plan-$20

For the budget minded but safety conscious rider who doesn't want to ride a death trap.  Safety is no accident!

  • Visual safety check
  • Wear Inspection
  • Checking and tightening of all bolts
  • Chain lubrication
  • Inflation of tires to proper pressure


Kelso Service Plan-$65

Your bike's annual check-up.  Think of it as a flu shot. Includes everything in the Arcadia plan, plus:

  • Front and rear braking adjustments
  • Front and rear derailleur adjustments
  • Wheel and headset adjustments
  • Light cleaning of frame and wheels


Dunedin Service Plan-$135

If you love your bike, really love your bike. Includes everything  in the Arcadia and Kelso service plans, plus:

  • Deep cleaning of the entire drive train
  • Wheel Truing
  • Complete bike cleaning with eco friendly degreasing wash
  • Installation of new handlebar tape (Purchased separately)


Henderson Service Plan-$225

If you want your bike to love you back!  A complete overhaul.  Think of it as plastic surgery for bikes. Includes everything in the Arcadia, Kelso, and Dunedin plans, plus:

  • Complete breakdown and rebuild of your bike
  • New brake pads-Included
  • New front and rear brake and derailleur cables-Included
  • New cable housing-Included
  • New handlebar tape-Included

*Please stop in for details.