We are "Trying"...

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We are "Trying"...

Our current update on remaining open with safety procedures to ensure our staff and your protection.

We are "trying" to meet your biking needs.

I hate the word "try." To me it means you're giving yourself an out if you fail.  I prefer the word "will."  For instance, I WILL meet your biking needs.  I WILL provide you great service. "WILL" is a commitment that can't be broken. But, these are uncertain times and there remains an unknown: when will our lives be normal again, when can I quit sanitizing my hands after every customer, and of course, when can I go to the grocery store and get toilet paper off the shelf?

We are adapting on a daily basis for our staff's safety as well as your own. I feel fortunate that during this difficult time we are providing a safe way to exercise and spend time with family or friends at a safe distance, but it also provides a safe form of transportation.  Maybe you saw my posts about the health care worker at the James who was riding the bus and was concerned and he might expose immune-suppressed patients. He brought in his bike to get serviced so he could ride to work instead.  Or the mom who shared the joy of teaching her daughter how to ride her first bike. She is creating unforgettable memories in a time of uncertainty. This motivates me and the staff but right now the best we can do is "TRY." 

I couldn't ask for a better staff to work with but like many businesses, we're stretched. Because of this, I'm making some temporary changes and I hope you'll bear with me.  They include:

  1. We will be closed on Tuesdays. This will allow the staff to build and service bikes in a safe environment.
  2. Mon, Wed, Thur, and Fri we will be open noon until 7:00 pm. Saturday we are open 10-7 and Sunday 12-5 as usual. 
  3. Only two customers in the shop at a time, please.  We are a small shop and this allows for safe social distancing. If you arrive and there are two customers in the shop, please wait outside.
  4. Everyone should enter through the front door.  For the time being, only our staff will be allowed in the service area.
  5. All service appointments require a reservation. We do not have the capacity to accept drop-in service. Call 614-333-0012 to book a reservation.

Additional Safety Measures

  1. We will continue to clean our shop and POS station after every customer. 
  2. All customers will be required to use the sanitizing station upon entering the shop to clean their hands and bike.
  3. Please wait for an available associate to assist you before coming in further.
  4. We continue to ask that you remain a safe distance and don't stand in the areas we have taped off.
  5. Please bring your own helmet for a test ride.
  6. We will continue to clean bikes after every test ride.
  7. You can request drop off/pick up and curbside service for sales Call us at 614-333-0012.

I opened this shop to get people on bikes. Right now, we are TRYing the best we can to meet your biking needs and look forward to the day when I  "TRY" once again becomes I "Will". Thank you for your patience and understanding.