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Filipino Man with muscular shaved calves wearing custom painted cycling shoes riding a bike that is too much for him to handle

The Test Ride Experience

You're potentially going to give us some big money.  A test ride is a great way to make sure that your hard earned dinero is spent on a bike that fits your needs, your fitness goals, and your rear end.  We offer trade-ins, and special financing is available too to help get you into the right bike for you. 

Unlike our competitors that want you to ride the bike in a parking lot fighting grocery carts and cars pulling in and out. Johnny Velo Bikes offers you an experience in a safe, slow traffic paced community, or just hop on the bike trail at the end of our street.

Things to consider

Let's be honest here. Your bike is probably not going to be the only thing you purchase from us. Safety is a very important factor to consider when buying a bike.  Another factor is comfort. Think of it like it's a Dairy Queen Peanut Buster Parfait.  You just bought the vanilla ice cream and that's fine, but what is the experience of a PPB, without the hot fudge sauce, and of course the peanuts drizzled all over that vanilla? It's the same with bikes, you need certain items to enjoy that bike purchase just like you do with a PBP!

Things for your bike: 1. Lights  2. Lock  3. Pedals  4. Racks  5.  Pump  6. Spare Tube

Things for your body: 1. Helmet  2. Gloves  3. Shorts  4. Jersey  5. Shoes  6. Socks

Preventive Maintenance

Now, let's look into the future a little bit.  You've been riding your bike and loving it. But just like your car you need to do some preventive maintenance on it or you'll wind up helping your mechanic make his boat payments.  Your car needs air in the tires, oil in the engine, lube on the squeeky parts, and kept cleaned. Well, like your car, you have to do some preventive maintenance on your bike, or you can wind up helping your bike mechanic with their addiction to buy more bikes.. 

To help you with this we offer:

Rides Preventative Maintenance Plans

  1. Get up to three of our $75 tune-ups. A $225 value!
  2. Wear and tear coverage. Includes chains and brake pads!
  3. Crash coverage.  Covers your bike, not you.
  4. National Support.  It follows you on vacation or if you move.

Flat Tire Club

Flat Tires are deflating. But we have a program to take the thorn out of your situation.,The Flat Tire Club. No other shop in town offers a program like this.  For just $25, you get lifetime flat fixes which include a new tube, service, all while you wait.  No need to schedule an appointment or wait days or weeks to get your bike back.

cyclist standing in front of a graffiti wall with bike helmet and performance sunglasses.

What to wear

Bring a helmet or borrow one of ours. We also recommend closed-toed shoes that won’t slip off your feet, but we aren’t your mom. Comfortable athletic wear helps but jeans are fine too. We wouldn’t ride a bike in a ballgown or a scuba suit, but if that’s your preferred riding attire, who are we to judge? 

If the weather is chilly we recommend gloves. We don’t want to pry your frozen fingers off the handlebars.


Now, on to the good part.  The legal stuff.  Just click on this link below, enter your information, sign your life away, and voila! You, my friend are ready to embark on the Johnny Velo Test Ride Experience.  If after your test ride, you'd like some cold water, a beer, oxygen, or a hot coffee, just let us know. Maybe, you want to try another bike?  Absolutely! Just let your sales lead know.

Test Ride Form

I’m nervous

That’s okay! We won’t judge because we’ve all been there. Maybe it’s your first time on a bike since childhood or you’ve never ridden the kind of bike you’re here to try. We’ll show you how to shift the bike and offer you a few tips to make your ride more enjoyable.