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Filipino Man with muscular shaved calves wearing custom painted cycling shoes riding a bike that is too much for him to handle

The Test Ride

The best way to buy a bike is to put your butt on it first. We don’t like to brag (maybe a little), but we’ve put some thought into your test ride experience and we think you’ll like it. John test rode his first major bike purchase in a parking lot — an adequate but not very enjoyable place to ride. 

When you ride with us, you can take our test ride route around the low-traffic Clintonville neighborhood behind our shop. There’s a gentle uphill and a downhill to help you get a feel for the shifting, too, and you can do as many laps as you’d like. If you’re looking for a longer ride, head right down the street and hop on the Olentangy Trail to ride for as long as you like. 

(You’re also welcome to ride in the parking lot if that’s where you feel more comfortable. Our attorney wants us to remind you to watch out for cars.)

cyclist standing in front of a graffiti wall with bike helmet and performance sunglasses.

What to wear

Bring a helmet or borrow one of ours. We also recommend closed-toed shoes that won’t slip off your feet, but we aren’t your mom. Comfortable athletic wear helps but jeans are fine too. We wouldn’t ride a bike in a ballgown or a scuba suit, but if that’s your preferred riding attire, who are we to judge? 

If the weather is chilly we recommend gloves. We don’t want to pry your frozen fingers off the handlebars. 

I’m nervous

That’s okay! We won’t judge because we’ve all been there. Maybe it’s your first time on a bike since childhood or you’ve never ridden the kind of bike you’re here to try. We’ll show you how to shift the bike and offer you a few tips to make your ride more enjoyable.