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Cyclists riding a trail through some overgrowth

Finding The Right Bike

Here are a few things to consider if you aren’t sure what kind of bike you want. 

Define your goals

It’s easier to choose a bike if you know what you want to do with it. Do you want to explore your neighborhood, ride in Pelotonia, ride on the bike path with your family, see nature, improve your fitness, or just avoid costly parking fees and commute to work? You probably have a few goals, and that’s okay, too!

Set a budget

It’s okay and even preferable to be upfront about your budget. We recommend having a range in mind. If you find yourself in a shop that’s pressuring you into a bike that costs $2,000 when you said your budget was $750, it’s time to find another shop. They are not listening to you.

Honor thy body

Let us know if you have any health issues. Back, wrist, neck and knee issues can usually be addressed by fitting you to the bike properly. We’re happy to help you find solutions, but if you’re new to cycling or have a medical condition, we recommend checking with your healthcare provider before you go all in! 

Choosing the right bike

Time for the fun part! Here’s an overview of the different types of bikes to consider and what kind of riding each one is good for.

If you can't find the bike in our shop or online right now, remember that we get weekly deliveries of new bikes! Call the shop and speak with one of our staff, answer a few questions, and we'll direct you to the right bike and let you know about availability and how we can get you on the perfect bike for you.

Road bikes are faster and designed to go long distances. The low-riding position makes you more aerodynamic and there are different kinds that are more comfortable and relaxed as well as ones that are designed to go faster. 

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Woman cyclist riding a Kona mountain bike through the woods

Mountain bikes give you a more upright position and can be ridden on pavement but are made for dirt trails in the woods or certain bike parks with features and obstacles.

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Giant Hybrid bike against a concrete wall

Hybrids bikes are perfect for paved bike paths, and neighborhood and family rides. If a mountain bike and a road bike had a baby, it would be a hybrid. These bikes have mountain bike-style flat handlebars that put the rider in an upright position, but they’re faster and lighter like a road bike.

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Woman riding a Bianchi step-thru comfort bike in a park

Comfort and cruiser bikes are uncomfortable. Just kidding. They’re called comfort bikes because they put the rider in the most upright position of all bike styles, and often have a step-thru frame, making it easy to get on and off your bike without swinging your leg over it.

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Man riding a gravel bike on a gravel trail through the mountains

Gravel bikes have the general shape and feel of a road bike and offer many of the same benefits, but they come with wider rims and tires which allow you to ride on gravel and dirt roads. You can even load them down with gear to go bikepacking (that’s just car camping with a bike instead of car).

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There are other types of bikes too that may match your goals as well.  Stop in the shop and talk with one of our team leads to learn more.