Bike Clintonville™

Bike Clintonville™ is a statement and a state of mind.  We want you to bike in your community.  Biking slows things down and allows the rider to see and apprecate things they wouldn't normally experience in a car. Other communities such as Bexley and Pickerington have their own Team rides and we want to as well.  This is why we are offering Bike Clintonville™ jerseys and t-shirts in order to increase the awareness of how bikeable our community is.  Biking is healthy, slows traffic through your neighborhood, and creates more available parking spaces for cars. If you are biking in Clintonville and take a picture of someone on a bike please tag it #IBikeClintonville.

This year we are looking to create a Pelotonia Bike Clintonville™ team too.  Please stop in the store and ask, sign up for our newsletter, or attend one of our information sessions.  More to come.